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LIME ROCK logo Ruahine ranges

The Ruahine Ranges rise to 2,000m and dominate our weather pattern from the westerly fronts, causing a rainshadow (ie. less rain). The mountains are very scenic being covered in native bush and snow capped in winter.

Limestone hills are the backbone of LIME ROCK

The undulating limestone hills are the backbone of Lime Rock, providing frost free slopes, maximum sun angle and exciting down-hilling events in the tractor

Limestone base is overlain with loess and volcanic ash

The limestone base (Coquina) consists of crushed barnacles imbedded with large oyster and scallop shells. This base is overlain with loess and topped with volcanic ash providing free draining, moderately fertile soils.

  The vines

The vines respond to the above environmental influences and our management . The results are expressed in the final wines. The terroir speaks!