Pinot Noir Rose - three vintage 6 pack

Pinot Noir Rose



Explore and compare three vintages, 2018, 2020 and 2021 of 100% Pinot Noir Rose in this 6 pack. Maybe hold a blind tasting with friends to test/improve their wine tasting skills and discover their favourite vintage. Package comes with detailed tasting notes. Normally $132, special price $120 plus shipping.


Which year was picked on April Fools Day? Which vintage is the sweetest? Is there a colour difference? Colour comes from the anthocyanins in the skins, what is different  about Pinot Noir anthocyanins? Which one was bottled at 3.00am? Which vintage was harvested the earliest? Which Pinot Noir clones were in the 2021 vintage? Which vintage was foot-stomped to crush the grapes?

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